Two things… Weekend Tea

My mom told me I should call this blog “Two Things”, because whenever I call her I always have two things to say. Never one or three, always just two. So, I thought it would be appropriate to start by sharing two things.

First thing… I recently started a new job and I travel during the week. While the traveling may hinder my ability to have anything interesting to report about during the week (unless you are interested in PowerPoint decks), my weekends are free to play, shop, travel, bake, and have lots of other adventures.

And second thing… tea! I was recently watching my idol Andy Cohen on Bravo and he kept talking about “spilling the tea,” meaning sharing gossip. Or in my case, sharing any happenings in my life. So I thought I would use this as my outlet for spilling my weekend tea with you. Plus, I just love tea and all things tea-related (like green tea ice cream and cute mugs).

Enjoy! xx WT


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