Two things… Pink Lips & Cookbooks

First thing… there are two things that I cannot get enough of and have an urge to purchase all the time. The first is lipstick. I have been searching for a new pink shade of lipstick for the past few weeks, which, for someone as impulsive as me, is a very long time. The quest started when I met a friend for dinner and she was wearing this gorgeous YSL lip stain: #15 Rose Vinyl.  It looked like the absolute perfect color, but when I tried it on, it didn’t look as good on me as it had on her. So, I kept searching and finally found my perfect pink, Dolce & Gabbana #165 Fascination. (Also, try this on top for a glossy nighttime look.) I cannot wait to plan my outfits around my new lip color.

Second thing… the second thing I can never get enough of is cookbooks. I am continuously looking online and in book stores for the latest and greatest. Even though my tiny apartment is not conducive to a collection of heavy cookbooks, I just cannot help myself. My most recent buy was Miette, which definitely belonged in my collection given my passion for baking. Not only are the photos inside beautiful, but the actual book itself is charming, with scalloped edges and pastel accents. Naturally, I could not live without it.


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