Wild and Crazy Kicks

Sophia Webster Flamingo Vinyl Lace-Up Bootie, Charlotte Olympia Botanica and Nicholas Kirkwood

I spend way to many hours looking online or in stores at shoes that I will probably never own. But, what girl doesn’t love to look at shoes all day, every day? This past weekend, I somehow found myself on the Sophia Webster website, looking at these pink flamingo and polka dot shoes, so I decided to explore and see what other wearable art I could find. Having tried to design a pair of shoes myself as an experiment, I can say that it is not easy to be so creative. These are only a few examples, but if you search online, you can find so much great shoe art. Not exactly practical, but anything is worth sacrificing for an amazing pair of shoes.

  1. Sophia Webster Flamingo Vinyl Lace-Up Bootie
  2. Charlotte Olympia Botanica
  3. Nicholas Kirkwood lace-up sandal

One thought on “Wild and Crazy Kicks

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