Weekend highlights…

While it was disappointing not being with my dad on Father’s Day, I cannot wait to make up for it  and celebrate with him over July 4th weekend. In the  meantime, I had a great weekend full of new outfits, delicious cocktails, and superheroes.

I was so excited to wear my new dress and shoes to my friend’s birthday celebration. Even though I didn’t intend for this, they went perfectly together.

Rosegold Zack Sandals

Rosegold Zack Sandals

I also had a birthday dinner this weekend where I got to indulge on delicious cocktails and food. My favorites were a Pear Vodka cocktail made with fresh pureed pear and sage, and these incredible cheesy rolls called Pandebono.



And of course I still made time for some good superhero fun. First, I watched Tombstone, a movie about a real-life superhero,  Wyatt Earp. (Technically he was a lawman, but he saved lives back in the Old West, so I think that qualifies him as a superhero.) It was full of exciting action and great actors, and it’s all based on history. A great choice for a low-key Sunday afternoon. And then, we made it a double feature with another superhero, Henry Cavill… I mean, Superman. Man of Steel was another entertaining movie, especially when you get to look at this for two hours:

Man of Steel

Man of Steel


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