Film Forum: Wagner’s Apocalypse

The first time I saw Melancholia, I was utterly captivated. I have never (and not sure I ever will) seen another movie quite like this one. The film is broken up into two parts centered around two sisters, Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg, as the planet Melancholia grows nearer to Earth. Lars von Trier has set the movie to the prelude of Richard Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde, and the influence of the music combined with the jarring imagery, the handheld camera, and honest (mostly improvised) acting puts this movie near the top of my list. I also encourage you to watch with no distractions. In order to truly appreciate this film, you should immerse all of your senses. And, if possible, I recommend turning the volume way up.

MelancholiaMelancholia Melancholia


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