Quinoa Falafel

Somehow I made it two summers in the city without going to Smorgasburg, but last weekend I finally discovered the magic of this food and crafts market. After walking down every aisle and sufficiently surveying the options, I decided to try the quinoa falafel at Saucy by Nature. How good do these look and sound: falafel with red cabbage, apple and scallion slaw, Polish Kimchee relish, and black sesame seeds / falafel with cucumber and tomato salad, feta, and cider braised onion.

(Top) Cider Braised onion, (Bottom)

Polish Kimchee falafel (top) and Cider Braised Onion falafel

To recreate these at home, try this quinoa falafel recipe (what I imagine is similar to the ones above), and you can even order the sauces online.


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