Garden Variety

With these adorable home accessories, you can bring your garden indoors. (I don’t have a garden in New York City, but let’s pretend.) You likely don’t want real bugs, birds, or mushrooms around your home, but I love these items below, which are not only cute, but also functional. If you need a stapler or measuring spoons anyway, why not get ones that are decorative or festive (or garden-inspired)?

(Clockwise from top left): as

(Clockwise from top left): Anthropologie Grasshopper Stapler, Jonathan Adler Brass Fly Box, Anthropologie Mushroom Measuring Spoons, Moma Store Chip Paperclip Holder

Split Seam

When you can’t decide what to wear, why not wear two things at once. With items split down the middle, you can wear a different color or print on either side. Try this trend with cover-ups, dresses, bathing suits, or even pants (like these).

Film Forum: Let’s Get Quizzical

Ralph Fiennes has had some very memorable roles in some popular movies — Harry Potter, Schindler’s List, The English Patient — but one of my favorite of his portrayals is Charles Van Doren in Quiz Show. The movie is based on true events in the 1950’s when a popular American game show, Twenty One, began to rig the outcomes of the show. Although the movie chronicles the historical events, it does so through the perspective of two of the game show’s contestants, Van Doren and Herb Stempel, played by John Turturro. These two characters could not be more different. They not only have polar opposite personalities and backgrounds, they are both motivated by different things… and that is what makes these characters fascinating. Even if you know the eventual outcome of the movie, it is still worth watching for the character development, excellent acting, and insight into what almost derailed the entire game show genre.

Ralph Fiennes Quiz Show

Ralph Fiennes as Charles Van Doren in Quiz Show

John Turturro Quiz Show

John Turturro as Herb Stempel in Quiz Show