4(th) things… What to Make

Happy four days until July 4th!

Today is the first day of July, so if you count today, we are four days away from Independence Day (and an extra long work-free weekend). To celebrate the theme of “four” — four days until July 4th and a four-day weekend — rather than two things, I am going to share four things. As you know, Weekend Tea is all about what to make, what to watch, and what to wear, so today, I will start with what to make.

This year, I am going to Cape Cod to spend the holiday weekend with my family. Whenever we are all together in the Cape, we  spend at least one night at home grilling. This is my perfect summer grilling-at-home meal:

  • Steak: The best part about cooking steak is that it does not need much more than salt and pepper to make it taste great. Here are some great tips for grilling the perfect steak.
  • Corn: The best trick my mom taught me to cook corn on the cob is to wrap it in tin foil. You still get that perfect char on the outside, and it always comes out sweet and delicious. And leftover corn is perfect to add to next-day salad or salsa.
  • Salad: My go-to summer salad is a mozzarella and tomato salad, aka Caprese. It’s super simple to make — all you need are tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and balsamic vinegar. You don’t even need a recipe, but just in case, try this one.
  • Dessert: For dessert, I always go to the supermarket and see what fruit looks fresh. No matter what you find in season, a fruit pie is always a good July 4th dessert option.

Stay tuned… tomorrow I will share what to watch over your July 4th weekend.


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