4(th) things… What to Watch

My perfect summer weekend is spent lying outside and reading, but once I have filled my daily quota of sun (right before the tan turns to a burn), I like to go inside and watch a movie. Sticking with the Fourth of July theme, here are some great movies to watch over your long weekend.

1. Something Borrowed: An unconventional romantic comedy with unrelenting yet endearing characters. July 4th proves a pivotal weekend for everyone involved in the love triangle… or love hexagon. It gets quite complicated — you’ll see what I mean.

Something Borrowed

2. Coming to America: This is my most favorite Eddie Murphy movie. It opened for the Fourth of July weekend in 1988, but despite coming out 25 years ago, this movie never gets old. This is a must-see comedy for your long weekend or any day of the year.

Coming to America

3. The Music Man: It all begins on July 4th, 1912. Harold Hill, a “music professor”, arrives in River City hoping to con the local residents into paying him to create a marching band. I love this classic American musical, and it’s a perfect choice for your July 4th weekend.

The Music Man


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