Mod Squad

More and more I have been finding items of clothing reminiscent of 1960’s. Many of the latest trends, like shift dresses and crazy patterns, are a nod to the decade. While I don’t suggest dressing full-on 1960’s (unless you’re going to a costume party), there are some great ways to channel this iconic time in fashion while still staying current. Here are some of my favorite 60’s throwback items.

Mod Squad

  1. Patterns like stripes and checks are popping up in every store, so it won’t be hard to subscribe to this trend. (Forever 21 Checkered Midi skirt)
  2. Whether in the print or in the fabric, daisy and floral designs are prevalent these days. “Flower power” has made its comeback. (Dolce Vita Anja Daisy Organza top)
  3. You can find platform shoes of all shapes and sizes to complete your 60’s inspired outfit. (Cole Haan Chelsea Open Toe sandal)
  4. A mod shift dress is perfect for the day time and a great way to bring the 1960’s to work. (Forever 21 Bejeweled Neckline shift dress)
  5. You can add just a touch of 60’s through your accessories, like enamel or plastic statement jewelry. (Lulu’s You Really Dot Me Now earrings)
  6. Or accessorize with over-sized sunglasses and channel your inner Jackie O. (Miu Miu Noir Thick Geometric Cateye sunglasses)

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