Coffee Climate

Grady’s. is. awesome.

If you like coffee, hot or cold, Grady’s should be your new go-to. Not only is it easy to prepare (Grady’s + milk/water), it also tastes great. I like to start most summer mornings with an iced coffee, and while every street corner in New York City has a food cart, coffee may not be as accessible everywhere else in the world. Plus, sometimes I just don’t want to leave my apartment. Grady’s is my new solution.


I like mine equal parts Grady’s and milk with one sweetener (like you see below), but there are many other recommended recipes to try.

Grady's 2

Grady’s (here, or I found it at Whole Foods), milk jug (Fishs Eddy), star ice cubes (similar here)

Brand Envy: MSGM

In a word, MSGM is eclectic. I cannot seem to find a common thread, but nonetheless, I love all the mismatched threads. The brand describes itself as a “Kaleidoscope world made of colours, shapes and lines”, and as you can see by the examples above, this description rings true. From what I can tell, an MSGM piece is your stand-out piece — the one you wear to be fun, funky, or make a statement. They have some subdued and simple items, but if you’re going for it, I say go all the way. I curated all the MSGM pieces I could find and pulled together some of my favorites. The brand is still young at only 3-years-old, so I cannot wait to see what they come up with in the next 3+ years.

Two Things: Color Coordination

First thing… somehow, with all of its different prints and colors, this Parker dress is still magic. I love that it has plaid, stripes, chevrons, a keyhole, and looks like a skirt made of neckties. If you heard that description, you would immediately turn away, but Parker pulls it off..

Second thing… now I am not usually a turtleneck fan, but I absolutely love this this Milly top. With all the woven colors and lambskin trim, the turtleneck is the last feature that I notice. Everything about this item of clothing is unusual — the shape, the trims, the fabric — and I love it all.


I know the posts have been a little sparse this month, but I promise it’s not for lack of interest or commitment. I vow to make even more of an effort to share the latest in food, fashion, and movies. Starting with this… something that took me back to the 90’s. E-V-E has a place in music history, and this sweatshirt is evidence of her lasting footprint. For those who also grew up listening to Eve, this one is for you.