Golf Cookies

In honor of the PGA Championship, which begins tomorrow, I want to share one of my favorite things I have baked. I made these for a family friend who was having a golf party and wanted some festive baked goods to serve. Here is evidence of the magic of royal icing.

Golf Cookies

18 holes of golf, so 18 unique courses… and of course some golf balls

Golf Cookies

Some of the balls are in the grass

My cookies and icing recipes came from Creative Cookies, but any firm and flat sugar cookie should work well. For the royal icing, I recommend choosing a recipe with Corn Syrup in it, which gives a glossy finish.

Some tips for decorating with royal icing:

  • Always outline the cookies (or area you want to fill in) with a firmer royal icing. You can create your icing, separate a batch of it, and then add some additional confectioners sugar to make it more firm.
  • Let your borders dry before filling them in with icing.
  • Be careful when filling in (“flooding”) your cookies with icing that you don’t add too much and it overflows.
  • If you are going to layer your icing (like I did with the flag on top of the green), be sure your bottom layer of icing is completely dry.
  • Make sure your icing tastes good! Try mixing in vanilla, almond, or lemon extract for some added flavor.

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