Rosé Lime

I have been waiting for this day for weeks, ever since I saw an ad for it in a magazine. Pampelonne Rosé Lime is finally here.

I trekked halfway across Manhattan, but it was well worth it to finally try what has become my new favorite beach drink. The Rosé is sweet and tangy, and does not taste too alcoholic, making it refreshing on a summer day, rather than dehydrating. I started with six cans, but my friend and I couldn’t wait, so we broke into one on our way home. (shh…) If you can somehow manage to locate it near you, I recommend trying Pameplonne. If not, don’t worry — it’s a brand new product, and I am sure it will be spreading nationally and globally soon.

I cannot wait for Pampelonne Sangria to come out soon, too. I will report back when it arrives.

Pampelonne 3 PampelonnePampelonne 2


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