Thanksgiving Cards

I always love receiving a hand-written card, but I don’t write them often enough. What better excuse than my favorite holiday and day of the year — Thanksgiving. This year, I thought I would make some cards that were super easy and in the spirit of the holiday.

Thanksgiving Cards


  • Cards & Envelopes
  • Stamp
  • Ink
  • Pen
  • Embossing Powder
  • Mini crystal stickers
  • Embossing Heat Tool

How to emboss

Push the stamp firmly and steadily onto the page. Before the ink can dry, cover it entirely with embossing powder. The stamp imprint should be completely covered. Some of the powder will stick to the ink, and you can pour the rest back into the container. You can see the powder that has stuck to the ink. Turn on your embossing tool, wait for it to heat up (about 3 seconds) and move it over the stamped shape and powder. You will see almost instantaneously the powder begin to solidify and become glossy. Remove the tool immediately.

Tip: Keep the tool moving and do not linger too long, you can overheat the powder.

Thanksgiving Cards 3

You can see how the ink is raised from the paper and has a sheen… the magic of embossing.

Thanksgiving Cards 2

You’ll need a heat embossing tool — I used this one from Darice

Thanksgiving Cards 5


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