Film Forum: Lights & Sounds

Watching City Lights for the first time was an awakening to the art of comedy.

Those who think dialogue is the key to a great movie have not seen a Charlie Chaplin silent film. I finally got around to watching City Lights, which I had been wanting to do for a while — it’s #11 on AFI’s 100 Years list and considered one of Chaplin’s finest. City Lights does not disappoint.

Chaplin’s reprises his famous character The Tramp for this slapstick comedy in which he falls for a blind flower girl and befriends a drunk millionaire. Chaplin also competes in an unforgettable boxing match in one of the most famous comedic scenes in movie history. If you are a fan of comedies, a fan of romances, or just a fan movies, you should dd City Lights to the top of your watch list.

I hope I encouraged you to watch City Lights, but if you are still not convinced, listen to a true movie review master, Roger Ebert, who says it best: “Chaplin’s gift was truly magical”.

City Lights City Lights 3 City Lights 2


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