Film Forum: Spring Breakers

With the Oscars airing in just a few days, I thought I would review one of my un-nominated favorites from 2013.

Spring Breakers was one of best movies of the year. With this movie, Harmony Korine was able to achieve a perfect symphony of sounds, images, acting, directing, effects, story… everything you hope to find when watching a great movie. I know this movie is polarizing — it can be difficult to appreciate a movie with contemptible characters committing shameful acts. But, whether you approve or respect these characters does not justify the success of this film. There is incredible character dynamic and examination of the motives and forces that drive our actions. It succeeds through the environment it creates and the introspection it begs. As a viewer, you feel as if you are present. The blaring music and hand-held camera help to create this environment — an alternative reality that tests your limits just like it tests the characters’ limits. But their limits are not all the same — where some of them break, others thrive. And you are along for the whole ride.

Spring Breakers Spring Breakers Spring Breakers 3

Perfect Perforations

If you’re feeling “hole-y” lately, check out some of the latest perforated items. Perforations can add just a hint of extra skin or create a pattern through texture rather than print. I love this trend (especially on shoes), and you can find it on all different articles of clothing or even accessories. And perforated clothing is not limited to one season or one occasion. It’s versatile and accessible — everyone can follow this trend.

Update 2/27: Even more perforation perfection here and here!

Head to Toe: Patterned Magic

Romper: Sandals: Cuff:

Romper: Bec & Bridge Elements Playsuit, Sandals: Steve Madden Stecy Floral Print Heels, Cuff: Vanessa Mooney Anarchy Double Cuff Bracelet

So, you all know my style philosophy: a single pop of color. However, there is one exception to that rule — when you introduce prints or patterns. The “pop of color rule” applies, but with prints, it doesn’t have to be just one color. The print itself, like the shoes above, can act as the color.

Wearing a print or pattern is one thing, but mixing them is a fine art. I recommend either staying in the exact same color scheme with both, or going completely opposite (like here). I love the black and white stripes with multicolored floral. And since the outfit has so much going on, your accessories can be super simple, like a plain gold cuff or gold hoop earrings. I’m feeling inspired… now all I need is the snow to melt and Spring to arrive!

Chocolate-Covered Marzipan

Chocolate-Covered Marzipan 2Although I made these for Valentine’s Day (hence the little pink hearts), these are perfect for any gift-giving occasion. If you need a housewarming gift or goody bag gift favors, these sweet treats are a perfect solution.

I love marzipan. You know… the cute almond paste figures often in the shape of fruit? If you like almonds and you like sugar, you will probably like marzipan. I am a huge fan, so I wanted to make some from scratch. To make them a bit more decorative, you can use food coloring and create your own shapes. Or, try dipping them in chocolate and sprinkles. Enjoy!

Recipe here.

Chocolate-Covered Marzipan 4 Chocolate-Covered Marzipan 5 Chocolate-Covered Marzipan 3 Chocolate-Covered Marzipan

White & Black

White & BlackWhite + Black = Perfection… as proven by the items above. This color combo (or I should say shade combo) is great in any season and for any occasion. Here are some of my latest faves.

  1. De Nada Infinity Skulls scarf
  2. Evil Twin Bad Boys Boyfriend Jean
  3. See by Chloe Cherry Bucket Mazarine Blue purse (I know this technically has some blue in it, but it’s very subtle!)
  4. isapera Cyclamen Sandal
  5. self-portrait Tuxedo Wrap dress