Chocolate-Covered Marzipan

Chocolate-Covered Marzipan 2Although I made these for Valentine’s Day (hence the little pink hearts), these are perfect for any gift-giving occasion. If you need a housewarming gift or goody bag gift favors, these sweet treats are a perfect solution.

I love marzipan. You know… the cute almond paste figures often in the shape of fruit? If you like almonds and you like sugar, you will probably like marzipan. I am a huge fan, so I wanted to make some from scratch. To make them a bit more decorative, you can use food coloring and create your own shapes. Or, try dipping them in chocolate and sprinkles. Enjoy!

Recipe here.

Chocolate-Covered Marzipan 4 Chocolate-Covered Marzipan 5 Chocolate-Covered Marzipan 3 Chocolate-Covered Marzipan


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