Film Forum: Spring Breakers

With the Oscars airing in just a few days, I thought I would review one of my un-nominated favorites from 2013.

Spring Breakers was one of best movies of the year. With this movie, Harmony Korine was able to achieve a perfect symphony of sounds, images, acting, directing, effects, story… everything you hope to find when watching a great movie. I know this movie is polarizing — it can be difficult to appreciate a movie with contemptible characters committing shameful acts. But, whether you approve or respect these characters does not justify the success of this film. There is incredible character dynamic and examination of the motives and forces that drive our actions. It succeeds through the environment it creates and the introspection it begs. As a viewer, you feel as if you are present. The blaring music and hand-held camera help to create this environment — an alternative reality that tests your limits just like it tests the characters’ limits. But their limits are not all the same — where some of them break, others thrive. And you are along for the whole ride.

Spring Breakers Spring Breakers Spring Breakers 3


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