I have never been to New Orleans, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bring New Orleans to me.

Café Du Monde is a famous site for anyone touring this Louisiana city, and they are most well known for their café au lait and Beignets — if you aren’t familiar, think of the lightest, airiest fried dough you’ve ever had.

Now, I know using the boxed mix is kind of cheating, but why mess with the best, right? And using the box makes the recipe very, very simple.


Café Du Monde Beignets (yields 2 dozen)

  • 2 cups beignet mix
  • 7 oz water (7/8 cups)
  • All-purpose flour
  • Vegetable oil — enough for 1-2 inches deep in pan

Mix together the beignet mix and water with a spoon until it comes together.

On a floured surface, roll the mix to 1/8″ thickness. The dough is sticky, so use flour liberally.

Cut the dough into 2-3″ squares. (The exact recommended width is 2 1/4″.)

Pour 1-2″ oil in a pan, and heat to 370 degrees F. Deep fry the dough, continuously basting with a spoon.

After about 8-10 seconds, the beignets should have risen to the surface and should be golden. Place onto paper towel to absorb some of the excess oil, then serve immediately.

And the best part — sprinkle with powdered sugar (or cinnamon sugar!).

Beignets Beignets Beignets Beignets


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